What is design?

Why does it exist?

Why is it so important?

Design has been part of the human race for as long as we have existed, whether through architecture, interiors, crafts, textiles, structures or graphic design. Its contribution has shaped the lives of all people throughout history, and its purpose… To better the lives of the human race.

At TROMP Studio, our aim is to uphold this age-old dynamic, in order to better the life of every client that knocks on our door. We realize that the various aspects relating to the improvement of lives can not be viewed in isolation, but should rather be dealt with by taking a more holistic approach.

We have taken what we know best, design, and we have utilized those skills in the best possible way, to ensure that our clients will move forward, enriched and elevated.

TROMP Studio has been meticulously structured, in order to reach this goal. Our three divisions are focused and adept in each of its respective design fields. These divisions are:

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social media

The team at TROMP Studio are passionate about our social media platforms, as it allows the opportunity for us to directly interact with our followers. We use these platforms to share our projects, updates and other news on a regular basis. 

It is for this reason that we have made provision for an individual social media platform for each of our divisions. 

Click on any of these links to gain access to our social media platforms. 

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